Once the baby comes into the picture, your priorities change. From the day you get the news, you seed in your thoughts around your tiny companion. You now realize the sheer importance of things which you must have overlooked before. Diaper Bags are one such change that you will secure in your stance. Armed with it you feel like a warrior, ready to tackle any issue your baby throws your way, be it the untimely poop or the unwanted spill. This becomes the reason enough to choose what is not just convenient for you, but also what compliments your lifestyle.

Cuteness is the key but practical buy requires focusing on practical features. Based on these, we have compiled a list of the types of diaper bags that are available in the market.

Ranging from the traditional to the vogue, this list will help you decide which bag is the best one for you and your little one!

The Traditional Diaper Bag:
These traditional bags are what you probably see on the shoulders of every parent. Usually coming in bright baby-friendly colors like pink and blue, these diaper bags sport a certain antique look. It will take, if not you, then definitely your mother on a happy trip down memory lane. These bags are extremely bulky, but on the brighter side, have so many pockets and compartments that you can carry almost your entire house in it if need be.

The Tote Diaper Bag:
The tote is similar to the traditional in the sense that it is on the larger side. However, instead of many different pockets, it usually has one big compartment to fit in most of your necessities. In this sense, it is kind of like Mary Poppins’ magic handbag, if instead of lamps and plants she had taken out diapers, feeding bottles and pacifiers. It is also double handled and can be easily carried on your shoulder. Because of its sober colors and somewhat trendier design, it can sometimes be mistaken as a large-sized handbag for women. The fashionable look makes it quite appealing for our new mothers for whom, diaper bags, as much of a necessity as it is, is also a fashion statement.

The Clutch:
These are basically a glorified purse. In terms of essentials, it usually fits only an extra diaper and along with it perhaps a changing pad. Therefore, it is perfect for the very very short trips you take, like the ones to a park or a supermarket. It doesn’t have any handles so it needs to be carried in your hand like a large wallet. Luckily, changing clutches often come as coordinated accessories with bigger diaper bags. To sum it up, the clutch is generally super light, convenient, and easy to carry with limited capacity.

The Backpack Diaper Bag:
In our opinion, this type of diaper bag is the most versatile and the most novel of the lot. Being a backpack, it is easy to carry to places, be it a day outing to a relative’s house or a long trekking trip. It has a number of pockets to successfully compartmentalize all your necessities and yet is not bulky and cumbersome to carry. Coming in temperate colors yet stylish designs, these bags do not look embarrassing and can easily pass off as smart looking backpacks that go extremely well with your style. Most importantly, these bags grow up with your child. With its versatile look and design, they can later be used as laptop bags or even your child’s school bag when your child rearing days are over. Backpack diaper bags are therefore probably the most practical ones of the lot since they are in for the long run.

Overall, it is your comfort that matters. Whatever choice you make, it has to be aligned with what goes well with you. We hope this blog has made it a bit easier for you to choose the perfect weapon for the war that is to come. Now that you’re up to speed with all that is to know in the world of diaper bags, choose well and choose wisely. As a great man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”, and we are happy to have helped you make an informed choice.

Be ready for all kinds of adventures with your little one with your special diaper bag that compliments your style and reveals your personality.

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